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Google News: The Google My Business API To Be Removed Soon

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Are you using the to manage your business online presence? If you do, it might soon disappear.

The API was originally released in 2015 as part of My Business. It allows website owners to store and manipulate their business data like address, phone number, photos, opening hours, etc.

The API allows your business to connect with customers on , and other properties such as web and mobile. The Google My Business API allows businesses to create custom apps that integrate with the local Google My Business account.

What's happening?!

The Google My Business API allows developers to access and customize information related to local business listings including address, phone numbers, website URLs, physical location, hours of operation, photos, reviews, ratings, and more.

The API supports over 100 different business listing fields including address, contact details, directions, rating, review, category and other content-related fields.

Customize and add content to their listings via the API and automatically drive traffic towards specific pages. Manage multiple locations simultaneously by integrating with Google Maps Listing Optimization.

Businesses using the were able to add local listings, manage their business information directly within the Android or iOS app, and find ways to engage with customers via personalized push notifications and relevant messages.

This is changing with the Google announcement last year: No More Google My Business It's Now Google Business Profile

And now the Google team has made another update here:

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This document indicates the API points that they will no longer be available after April 30, 2022. They have been deprecated for a few months now.

These API endpoints will be completely removed and will no longer respond with an answer after April 30, 2022.

For your ease, we have listed the same table from Google's documents here:

Deprecated ResourceReplacement ResourceDeprecation dateSunset date
accounts.locations.questions [Google My Business API v4.9] locations.questions [Questions API v1]2021-11-182022-04-30
accounts.locations.questions.answers [Google My Business API v4.9] locations.questions.answers [Answers API v1]2021-11-182022-04-30
accounts [Google My Business API v4.9]accounts [Account Management API v1]
accounts [Notifications API v1]
accounts.admins [Google My Business API v4.9]accounts.admins [Account Management API v1]2021-02-222022-04-30
accounts.invitations [Google My Business API v4.9]accounts.invitations [Account Management API v1]2021-02-222022-04-30
accounts.locations.admins [Google My Business API v4.9]locations.admins [Account Management API v1]2021-02-222022-04-30
accounts.locations [Google My Business API v4.9]accounts.locations [Business Information API v1] locations [Business Information API v1] locations [Verifications API v1] 2021-08-242022-04-30
attributes [Google My Business API v4.9]attributes [Business Information API v1]2021-08-242022-04-30
categories [Google My Business API v4.9]categories [Business Information API v1]2021-08-242022-04-30
chains [Google My Business API v4.9]chains [Business Information API v1]2021-08-242022-04-30
googleLocations [Google My Business API v4.9]googleLocations [Business Information API v1]2021-08-242022-04-30
attributes [Google My Business API v4.9]locations.attributes [Business Information API v1]2021-08-242022-04-30
accounts.locations.verifications [Google My Business API v4.9]locations.verifications [Verifications API v1]2021-08-242022-04-30

Note the Sunset date in the above table. This shows the date from which these API endpoints will be completely removed from the API. So they will no longer respond after the Sunset date.

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What Should You Do Now?

One of the major benefits of Google My Business API is that if you integrate Google My Business into your website using the Google Data Feed API. Your visitors will search for businesses nearby then see information displayed on your site.

This is just one use case. Google My Business API can be implemented in various ways. Not to say its usage for your own Google Business Profile.

One of the important API endpoints is the googleLocations [Google My Business API v4.9].

This API endpoint is used by applications to update the multiple location addresses of your business.

If you application is using this endpoint, then it is time to change it.

We wrote a post on our blog for best Google My Business plugins. These plugins will be updating themselves in coming days now.

You do not need to worry about this update if you are using any of the Google My Business plugins we listed. As these will start updating their code to move onto newer Google Business Profile updates.

But if you have developed or using custom applications to connect to Google Business Profile of your business, it is time to update it and let your web development team know about this.

Google Business Profile Benefits

Google my business is a free online service that lets local businesses manage their online presence on Google Maps, and other Google services.

Google My Business helps local businesses get found online. Get in the for the keywords that matter to your business, and learn how to show up when your potential customers search Google.

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With Google Business Profile, you can easily create an online business page on Google Maps where your customers can learn more about you, shop your products or services, connect via reviews, check out your hours, find nearby locations, and book reservations.

If you are planning to develop your own app related to Google Business Profile then this link will help you access all the Google Business Profile API.

Final Words

You should have been using the Google My Business API to keep your business's information and profile on Google Search as well as Maps accurate. Otherwise you may miss out on customers and revenue.

Google discontinues the Google My Business API endpoints so make sure your application which uses these API endpoints gets its new replacements.

Remember, Google Business Profile is an important step for any businesses and local . Following the Google protocols to keep it update is the best way to keep your local business rankings on Google intact.

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