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google page experience update for desktops

Google Page Experience Update Rollout For Desktops Is Now Complete And Active

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On March 3, 2022, made an official announcement on their Twitter handle that the Google page experience update rollout specifically made for a desktop view of the websites is now complete.

The Google page experience update rollout was started on Feb 22, 2022. In less than a month, the Google team was able to successfully complete the rollout worldwide.

Google Page Experience, What is it?

When optimizing your site for Google, one factor you need to pay attention to is the (UX) on . One of the most important elements of a successful UX is good .

The Google page experience refers to the overall user experience on a particular search result. Thus, among many other factors, it includes trustworthiness, load time, and user engagement.

If a searcher can't find what they are looking for in under two clicks on your website, Google will mark the page as having “page experience issues”. That is why delivering the best user experience for your users is so important.

In 2018, Google announced that they have started to use as a ranking signal in search results. This will motivate more and more website owners to focus on improving the page load performance of their websites.

Google's ultimate goal is to make the internet faster and better for users, so if you want to rank higher on Google, you'll need to improve your UX.

Google Page Experience For

The speed of a website is an essential factor when it comes to your search rankings.

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Google's new Page Experience Update will prioritize websites that provide a better user experience on both desktop and mobile-friendliness is now a given.

The way you rank in Google search results is changing. Google announced in 2021 that they are working on a new ranking system called the Google Page Experience update.

This update focuses on improving rankings for pages that provide the best user experience. The update will be based on several factors, including how fast your page loads, how many intrusive ads are present, and how secure your site is.

This new update will assess pages based on (CWV). CWVs are metrics that measure aspects of user experience such as loading time, interactivity, and the stability of content as it loads.

Optimizing these elements will help you rank higher in search results once the update has been implemented, so it's important to start optimizing your site now.

We have a post:

The main components of Core Web Vitals(CWV) are LCP, FID and CLS.

It is important for a website to get a good score in these three components of core web vitals to get an overall good value.

It's not just the speed of your website that impacts your rankings; you also need to make sure your website is working good on desktop and mobile-friendly and you have no intrusive interstitials.

All of these factors are key to having a great page experience and giving users what they want

The goal of has always been to improve a website's organic ranking with the primary search engines. However, there is a lot more to running a website than just the organic rankings.

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The user's experience matters as well. According to Google, “the page displayed for a query is often more important than the ranking position of that page.

Google Page Experience Update For Desktops

This new announcement from Google will start affecting the website by the end of March 2022.

The will start showing its magic by changing the ranks of the websites based on the page experience for its users on desktop.

Websites that have a good page experience for their desktop users will tend to rank better after this update is completely rolled out.

We all know that Google gives different ranks for websites based on their page experience on the user device. The user device can be a desktop or a mobile.

If your website is good with page experience for desktop users, it will gain better rankings for desktop Google search results than mobile rankings for the Google search.

And vice versa.

So keeping your website optimized well for both desktop and mobile devices is not recommended for SEOs. This will help in search engine rankings.

Check out another blog post of how Google page experience can affect your search rankings here: Top 8 Google SEO Ranking Factors In 2021

To learn more details about this official announcement, check out the Google Developers blog post here:

Final Words

The Google page experience update for desktop devices is a long pending update that Google has finally rolled out.

We will see how successful it is in the coming months.

This update is important for Google as well because now it can show different ranking results for the same website on different devices. It will help Google to categorize the websites that are good for mobile devices and desktop devices.

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So now it is time for your team to optimize the website look for a good desktop page experience.

Let us know in the comments if this update is important for you and how it affected your website so far.

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  1. Google algorithm updates are not always a good news. But this one is helpful as it will help for sites that have a good desktop pagesppeed score to rank better.