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SEO News: Google Core Update November 2021

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Another update was performed on November 17, 2021. This update came as a surprise to everyone in the community.

It's the first time in the history that a core update was performed just before the holiday season.

Usually, these core updates take effect on for the websites in 2 – 3 weeks. This means the holiday season is going to bring some joys and sorrows for the website owners that value SEO.

Google Core Update November 2021 Effects


A Google spam update was performed early this month which was related to handling spam in search results. We wrote about it here: SEO News: Google Spam Update In November 2021

Now a update just before the holiday season affects the websites that are ranking good. Some of them might gain rankings as well. But some might lose too.

We have two wonderful posts on our blog How To Know My Blog Rank? Answered Using Free Tools and Why Did My Google Ranking Dropped Dramatically?

A lot of online stores stock up their warehouses before the holiday season. It helps them meet the demand that is usually higher than the regular days.

This sudden news of , creates a small doubt and stress of losing website rankings. Because the actual effect of this core update will be seen after 2 weeks.

The effects of a Google core update is difficult to guess. It can either be a big update that affects a lot of websites both in a good way and a bad way. Or it can be those type of updates that goes on without much effect.

Why This Update?

This is the question that everyone in the SEO community is asking Google.

This shocking update from the Google team conflicts with the Matt Cutts tweet from 2013.

Now Google conflicts with its own answers. One of the biggest mysteries of Google that SEOs are always puzzled about.

The saying in the SEO community stands true, which goes like this:

Doing SEO can feel like running up a mountain. Barefoot. Without a map.

Isn't this true?

No one can answer why this update was to be performed just before the holidays. To disturb the SEOs working hard to rank their websites and increase their stress levels or to just play around before the holiday season.

I guess time will answer this question. Based on the effects of this update, we can tell if this update was important or something that could be ignored.

Final Words

Usually, the core updates are pretty serious ones that affect all the websites that Google indexes. The last Google core algorithm update in 2021 was done in July 2021. And one more in June 2021.

Last year in 2020, the core update in Google was performed in December, May and January. To usually avoid the holidays season.

With this update, I am seeing a pattern here where Google is trying to update its core thrice in a year. At least that is what their announcements have been so far.

We have useful resources in our blog to help you check the effects and recover from these updates if it affects your websites negatively.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of this Google core update and how it affected the SEO of your WordPress websites.

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    2. If you’re using any page builders like elementor etc make sure you turn off search engine indexing for things like templates. You can find this in Yoast SEO settings. With this setting your templates and unnecessary pages won’t be indexed. Are you using elementor by any chance?

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