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Our New Discord Community

Hello everyone!

Do you want to learn more about digital marketing, SEO, and how to build a community?

We have started a digital marketing SEO community on Discord. We're a group of marketers and SEOs who are all about sharing knowledge, tips, and tricks with each other. We want to help you take your business to the next level.

We chose Discord because discord is a free text and voice chat app that works on your computer or mobile device. It's perfect for chatting with people in real-time while playing games or working on projects together.

And you don't need to install the discord app if you don't want to. We have embedded our discord community on this page below. Now it is easier to join the newest growing SEO community.

Anytime you want to talk or get faster suggestions, bookmark and visit this page.

If you're looking for a place where you can ask questions about SEO, get advice from some of the best in the industry, or just hang out with other like-minded people, then this is it!

We've got channels for everything from discussing your latest Instagram posts with other content creators to getting advice on how to build an email list. We also have a channel where you can ask questions about anything related to the industry or just chat with fellow members.

We're a community of like-minded professionals who are passionate about promoting and growing businesses online. We share our expertise, tips, and tricks—and we love hearing from you!

Here, you'll find individuals who have worked in SEO for years, as well as newbies just starting out. Everyone is here because they care about what they do and want to help others do the same.

You'll also find people who will listen when you talk about the struggle of figuring out how to make your business more inclusive while still keeping up with the latest trends—and they'll help you figure out how to do both!

We've been working hard to develop a space where you can get together with other digital marketers and talk about the latest trends, share your knowledge and skills, and make some new friends. We hope that our discord community helps you feel more connected to the larger world of digital marketing and SEO.

So if you've ever wanted to learn more about SEO but didn't know where to start? Or need some help with your content marketing strategy? Or just want to hang out with awesome people who love talking about digital marketing? Then this is definitely the place for you!

If there's anything we can do to improve your experience here or add new features to make it better for you, please let us know!

We'd love to have you join us!

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Discord Chat
  • Hrugger avatar Hrugger Hello @everyone
    Actually I'm an expert in dropshipping with 3 year experience in it
    I run three store which made about 20k last month
    And I help new people to get started into dropshipping business and be successful through it.
    Kindly inbox me to get started with your projects.
  • J Friccizi avatar J Friccizi got it, thanks <@838326478924021760>
  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 Perhaps you can post this in our services section <#974936168615518228> by not addressing everyone
  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 Because it gives better cpm prices than Google Adsense
  • J Friccizi avatar J Friccizi hello guys, my name is john , we're a software company situated here in the Philippines, anyone here would like to start a business and want to outsource devs from Philippines? We sure have a very affordable service, we can customize and make you a website or a desktop application for your business, anyway you can DM me and we're very happy to have skype or zoom meet for transparency. thanks 🙂
  • Hrugger avatar Hrugger 1658039813129
  • MrWorthy avatar MrWorthy anybody interested in link exchange within adult niche, please DM me for details.
  • inva avatar inva Why Ezoic better than Adsense?
  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 I will prefer Ezoic over Adsense ads.
  • inva avatar inva Thanks for your response. For now Google Adsense ads goes very poorly. Maybe you can give some numbers that i need to reach?
  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 Start with advertisements and affiliate programs. Once you have 10k visitors a day, start selling books, tutorials and live webinar classes.
  • inva avatar inva Hello, guys! I have a website with ~1200 unique users per month, website content is tutorials for web developers. Maybe someone can help me cause I am a newbie in digital marketing. What is the best white-hat way to monetize a multi-geo developer audience? what are the best affiliate programs for that? And maybe someone can share numbers with me: how much I can earn per user on average? what can be the average page view ctr? For now, I have added the Digital Ocean referral program banner and today I have a 0.3% CTR which is low for me. Please, share the numbers and give some advice ❤️ Thanks
  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 Maybe you can post it in <#974936168615518228> to reach the right audience
  • chelseaadskate avatar chelseaadskate Hey everyone! I'm looking for a podcast covering PPC/Programmatic buying topics, or anything else related!

    Any suggestions?
  • muffinskull avatar muffinskull https://www.fiverr.com/s2/ff1f65c685
  • Theperfecthook avatar Theperfecthook What type of website?
  • sleepy_biscuit avatar sleepy_biscuit Does anyone know how I would go about installing fb pixel on a clients website??
  • Theperfecthook avatar Theperfecthook Typo error man
  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 It’s the 7th month of 2022 mate.

    Still living in the past, eh?
  • Theperfecthook avatar Theperfecthook It is the 7th month of the year 2020, I know you have a lot of mission and vision for this year but you haven't achieve half of it, don't loose hope, wake up, Rise up, you can do it, you are braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think, so let your hope shape your future not your hurt…And always be grateful if not for what you achieve but for what you escape….. Happy New month to you, this remaining 6 months will be month of total achievement for you and me….if we believe and work towards it…..Have a nice month ahead.,.
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