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I don’t write posts – including reviews and comparisons of plugins – to generate revenue. Every opinion is my own, driven by my use and experience. That said, some of the links that point to marketplaces and/or plugins that are for sale are what you’d call an “affiliate link.” These links route traffic while also tracking that it’s me sending the vendor the traffic. In return for sending them the traffic, if you buy the plugin, I may make a small amount of money for what you’ve purchased.

Two Things To Note

The first thing to note is that I will never recommend a plugin or theme that I don’t use (personally or for clients) or stand by. Each recommendation is personal to me. That’s why you don’t see some reviews on this site, because I don’t use those themes or plugins.

The second is that while I may make a dollar or two from your purchase, your purchase doesn’t cost you any more or less. It’s just a thank you from the vendor.

Let’s Look At The Reality Of Things

Every post I write costs me between $50-$300. If it’s a comparison post, I have to add the cost of the plugins. People don’t give me plugins to review for free. I buy them. So the total cost of a comparison post could be upwards of $700.

  • I write a post every day. So with an average cost of $100, that’s a $3,000 monthly cost.
  • Now you can see why a few bucks don’t make a difference in how I decide what to write on, or what opinion to hold.