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  • John massive avatar John massive Ecommerce refers to a business model that allows companies and individuals to buy and sell goods and services over the Internet. Ecommerce operates in four major market segments and can be conducted over computers, tablets, smartphones, and other smart devices
  • digitalsolutions avatar digitalsolutions Thank you Tousif
  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 Maybe you can post about your service in our <#974936168615518228> section where it will reach to more people who are looking for this kind of service.
  • digitalsolutions avatar digitalsolutions If anyone needs help with creating a website design / development, please message me
  • Deleted User0922 avatar Deleted User0922 hes on Youtube btw
  • Deleted User0922 avatar Deleted User0922 he claims its the best course out there including paid and free courses
  • Deleted User0922 avatar Deleted User0922 BIG NEWS FOR THOSE LOOKING TO LEARN ABOUT DROPSHIPPING AND E-COMMERCE. In a free video course, Nathan Nazareth covers all you need to know to start dropshipping right away. It's free game guys don't put it off.
  • John massive avatar John massive Hello @everyone
    Im so glad to be among you small businesses owner, I have reviewed all your messages so far and I could see that most of you own an Etsy shop with low views and low sales with low Alexa ranking as well which is not good. But im here to help you out through my sales funnel marketing strategies and makes you be among 7 figure earners monthly for more discussion kindly message me
  • Anonify avatar Anonify Anyone can help me in YouTube advertisements/promotions business in return of a commission?
    I have a huge network over YouTube.
  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 True words

    Expect the best. Prepare for the worst.
  • Theperfecthook avatar Theperfecthook @everyone Overnight Success Is Overrated.

    Reason why many entrepreneur fails today is because they are expecting instant gratification, many start business without a long term dream, They are expecting to break even as soon as they start.

    Don't expect it to happened overnight, play the long game, learn from your mistakes and continue to improve, you will get there one day.

    Always remember that "Time brings money" and "The worst time to start a business is when you are broke"
  • Deleted User0922 avatar Deleted User0922 not true
  • Deleted User0922 avatar Deleted User0922 im interested bro. can you teach me?
  • jiro avatar jiro Hello, im looking for a certain circle that is also interested in dropshipping, real estate, stocks and building a business that is willing to improve oneself to achieve their dreams, feed their family and escape the 9-5 cycle. Anyone under the age of 18 dm me so we can group up and help each other. (Im 16)
  • John massive avatar John massive Hello there
    I would like to know your interest about dropshipping, are you into one or planning to go into one ? I have full experience in dropshipping and how to make your dropshipping scale higher am a full time ecommerce marketer and developer with proven years of experience in dropshipping and sales guarantee marketing strategies
  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 No course can help you until you practice. For the rest Google is your friend.
  • MrWorthy avatar MrWorthy Nevermind, I googled it. Thanks, but no thanks.
  • MrWorthy avatar MrWorthy what is this course about?
  • Deleted User0922 avatar Deleted User0922 Has anyone here taken Jacob Levinrad's course? How was your experience? I'm thinking about joining...
  • Deleted User0922 avatar Deleted User0922 Biaheza’s course is a scam
  • Samsmith avatar Samsmith Hello everyone, I wanted to tell anyone who wants Biaheza’s dropshipping course (he is a famous YouTuber with a million subscribers) to dm me. He’s course is $300 but I can make lower it down to $10 for those who want. This is not a scam and will reimburse anyones money if my link doesn’t work. Feel free to contact me!
  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 Hello
  • Deleted User0922 avatar Deleted User0922 hey everyone
  • SG.CK avatar SG.CK How to find emails for Instagram user name ?
  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 If you are investing in content writing then selecting any niche of your choice will work.

    But targeting the whole niche will be a very bad idea. Select a niche and then narrow down on its subtopics. Research tools like Semrush or ahrefs will help you with this and also with the keywords in the sub topics.

    I would suggest you start with Amazon affiliate niches and get content written on them. You will see good returns in less period of time. And then you can opt for advertisement earnings for adsense.

    The top amazon affiliate niches are shown here with good explanation: https://educatecrowd.com/7-best-niches-for-amazon-affiliate-marketing-in-2022/
  • SG.CK avatar SG.CK I will hire content writer as I am noob in writing
  • nkap avatar nkap Hey if you’re planning to make money through adsense then I recommend choose any topic that you can write a lot on.

    Because to make money through adsense you need a lot of traffic on the website and for that you’ll have to be consistent. If you choose a topic you don’t know much about you’ll not be consistent with posting.

    And out of the topics that you know you can write a lot on, see which ones have less competition, this way you’ll be able to rank high faster - and high rankings = more traffic = more ad money
  • SG.CK avatar SG.CK Hello

    I hope you guys are doing well

    I want to create 1 website for long term earning so can any one tell me topic so I can start work on it

    Basic ideas can help me a lot
  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 Thank you dear ❤️
  • Just-iko avatar Just-iko So much passion :) ❤️ <@838326478924021760>
  • J Friccizi avatar J Friccizi thanks sir 🙂
  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 Hello

    Welcome to our community server.

    You can post in detail about your service in our marketplace section <#974936168615518228>
  • J Friccizi avatar J Friccizi hello guys, my name is john , we're a software company situated here in the Philippines and we're looking for clients that wants to have their own website. Anyone here have recommendations? we're also very open to talk via zoom. thanks..
  • dc7 avatar dc7 https://www.spambrella.com/proofpoint-url-defense-url-decoder/
  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 Hi
    Howz things?
  • Tia r avatar Tia r Hello
  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 Hello <@701177232860905532>
  • 2022J avatar 2022J Hi guys.
  • achann avatar achann I know that <@838326478924021760> is wordpress developer, I get so many help from him.
  • achann avatar achann I wonder who's here except <@838326478924021760> that are wordpress developer?
  • rrakesharmaa avatar rrakesharmaa How can I extract high spam score backlinks for my website? Is there any free tool that provides all high spam score sites HELP ME PLEASE 🙂
  • opulent avatar opulent ok
  • nkap avatar nkap Which widget color are you trying to change? You can always use custom css to change colors.
  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 <@467297381571100672> I think <@905617558470819890> will be of good help in this case. If need more help we are always here to answer your questions.
  • Dolapo avatar Dolapo <@467297381571100672> ok I can help
  • Rissom (Rissom Clark) avatar Rissom (Rissom Clark) https://trendveer.com/ is my website, its no way near done and its my first website, any tips would be great
  • Rissom (Rissom Clark) avatar Rissom (Rissom Clark) well i am currently launching a website using WordPress and i haven't and idea on how to change the widget color and iv tried everything, i am using a free theme so is that why, and also do you have any way to find good 3rd part logistic company's, iv tried for a long long time with no luck, thanks guys 🙂
  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 Worked in both dropshipping and online real estate listing platforms. Drop your questions.
  • rrakesharmaa avatar rrakesharmaa Sure
  • Rissom (Rissom Clark) avatar Rissom (Rissom Clark) anyone well versed in dropshipping or online realestate, would love some help