Keyword Research For Content Generation: How to Find the Right Keywords

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If you are planning to write any content, you need to know what keywords your audience is using. With the right keywords, you can get more traffic and leads.

But, it’s not that easy to find the right keywords for your strategy.

In this article, we’ll show you how to identify the right keywords for your content and how to use them in order to increase traffic and leads.

Choose A Topic That You Are Passionate About

If you’re passionate about a certain topic, it will be easier to write content about it. This will make your content more credible and valuable to your readers.

They will also think that you know what you’re talking about and they’ll trust your opinion. This will increase the likelihood of them following you on social media as well as sharing your content with their friends and family.

It’s also important to choose a topic that you can easily research and learn about. If you’re passionate about something, it will be easier to write about it.

Don’t Choose A Topic That You Know Nothing About

If you choose a topic that you know nothing about, it will be hard for you to create high-quality content for your readers.

They will think that your content is not worth reading and they might even think that your business is spammy.

Choose A Topic That Your Audience Is Passionate About

You can also use the same keywords that your audience is using. This will help you generate more traffic and leads for your business.

Choose A Topic That Is In Demand

It’s also a good idea to choose a topic that is in demand. This will help you get more leads and sales for your business as well as increase the conversion rate.

Choose A Topic That Has High Traffic Potential

If you choose a topic that has high traffic potential, it will be easier for you to get your content shared on social media platforms.

Choose A Topic That Has Good Competition

If you choose a topic that has good competition, it will be easier for your readers to find the information that they are looking for. This means that you’ll get more leads and sales for your business.

If there is high competition, you should use an article pre-fix like “how-to”, “why-to”, or “what-to”.

Choose A Topic That Will Help You Grow Your Business

If you choose a topic that will help you grow your business, it will be easier for you to generate more leads and sales for your business.

This is especially true if you have a blog that will help your business to grow. It’s also important to choose a topic that will make your customers think about their problem and need.

Choose A Topic That You Can Write About Regularly

This will help you generate more traffic to your website.

For example, if you’re passionate about photography, you can write about it on a regular basis and post photos from time to time.

You should choose a topic that is in demand for your business. If you choose a topic that isn’t in demand for your business, you won’t be able to generate traffic and leads for your business.

The more you write about a topic, the more traffic and leads you will get for your business. It’s also important to write about topics that your audience is interested in.

You should choose a topic that your readers are passionate about as well.

Important Things That You Can Do To Hone Your Content And Increase Engagement

There is nothing more frustrating for a blogger than to spend hours creating a great piece of content and then, after publishing it, finding that no one is reading it. The problem is that while your posts are probably ranking high on Google, they’re not converting into actual sales.

The reason? You’re not targeting the right keywords.

What is ?

Keyword research is a word or set of words that are used by web searchers on search engines. It can be anything from a short keyword like “dogs” to a long-tail keyword “latest news for Facebook turning into Meta”.

According to Microsoft Word users, searching for something like “dog collar” results in nearly 300 possible keyword matches. However, search engines have advanced algorithms of word association programs, to narrow down those choices considerably.

With the use of algorithms based upon statistical analysis of large amounts of text, search engines can isolate specific sets of key phrases. These so-called “,” once identified, serve as guiding points for further searches.

We will talk in detail about seed keywords in a few paragraphs below.

In addition to determining seed keywords, keyword research usually involves analyzing competitors' sites and comparing similar websites against each other to figure out what works best.

Keyword research helps you understand what your audience is searching for

There are several ways to begin researching relevant keywords, including typing related topics into popular search engines, examining competitor pages, conducting interviews, observing current trends, and consulting industry experts.

Once potential keywords have been gathered, market analysts will narrow the list down according to two criteria: relevancy and popularity.

Keyword research helps you understand what your audience wants to read

Relevance refers to whether or not users actually type in a given phrase instead of another term that contains fewer syllables.

Keyword research helps you understand what your audience wants to buy

Popularity takes into account the number of competing sites dedicated to various subjects.

To maximize traffic, it's important to balance both factors.

Gather Your Seed Keywords

Step 1: Use to Discover Topics for Your Content

You can use SEMRUSH to discover the topics that are relevant to your keyword. With SEMRUSH, you can also see what the competition is up to and discover what’s working for them.


Here’s how it works: You enter a keyword into the search box, and it will return a list of top-ranking topics for that term. In the first example, we searched for the keyword “student loans” and found a number of useful blogs and websites to read.

Right away, I know that potential visitors are:

  1. Looking to see if the loans will have long-term financial consequences (i.e., loan forgiveness)
  2. Dealing with added complexity in that it’s not just a loan but part of the financial aid system (so just think how confused and frustrated your audience is)
  3. Trying to figure out how much it’s going to cost them!

We can dive deeper by seeing how the tool breaks down the subtopic “financial aid”:


What do these questions tell us about our audience?
They are confused.

This means you should:

  1. Create content from multiple angles to deal with all the various confusions that come with this topic
  2. Format the content to speak in a way that makes things really easy to understand

Step 2: Read Related Blog Posts and Websites

Read all of the posts on each website, looking for keywords that they’re using in their titles, tags, and body content. This is an easy way to start finding topics for your content.

For example, if you’re writing about social media marketing, look at the blogs and websites that are ranking high in the SEMRUSH search results for the keyword “student loans”

Step 3: Find Similar Keywords and Continue Learning From Them

As you continue reading through the blogs and websites you found in step 1, read through the posts and find the keywords that are ranking highly for similar terms. You can use SEMRUSH to do this, by entering “+” into the search box to create a keyword match.

For example, if you’re writing about social media marketing, enter the keyword “student loans” into the search box and see what it brings back. You can see a list of blogs and websites with high-ranking pages for “student loans” in the first example.

Expand On Your Seed Keywords

The Seed Keywords are the keywords that you want to rank for, and they need to be in your page title, meta description, and your page content.

These keywords will serve as the basis of your efforts. They’re also what will help you find new leads through search engines.

They’re often overlooked when it comes to building a website because they are so important, but when it comes time to rank for certain keywords, those words must be included in the page title, meta description, and page content.

Use Google Adwords Keyword Planner

You can use the keyword planner to find keywords that are related to your website, which will help you in two ways.

First, it will show you what keywords your competitors are ranking for, which gives you ideas for where to focus your efforts and helps with future keyword research.


When you’re looking for keywords to rank for, you can use Google Trends to find the current searches and trends for your target keywords.

This tool will give you a good idea of what kind of traffic your site is receiving and how it’s performing. It can also help you avoid keywords that are not being searched for at all, which means they are not worth spending time ranking for.


When you’re looking to rank for keywords, the autocomplete tool can be a great way to find new keyword ideas.

You can use it to get suggestions for keywords related to your target keywords and see what people are searching for. You can use this information as ideas for where you want your website to go and how you want it to look.

Use Google Correlate

This tool can help you find keywords that are related to your target keywords. When you’re searching for new keywords to rank for, this tool is a great way to find new ideas and get new traffic.

You can use it to see which words are most closely related to your target keyword and then rank for those words.

Use Google Suggest

Google Suggest is a tool that can help you find new keyword ideas. It will give you suggestions of related terms and words that are closely related to your target keywords. You can use it to get new ideas for what kind of content you should be creating and where you want to focus your efforts.

Do your research

If you have no idea what keywords to use for your content marketing strategy, it’s better to do some research first. There are plenty of tools that can help you with this task.

Use a to find the most popular related to your topic.

You can also use Google Trends and Google Adwords Keywords Tool to find the most popular search terms.

Make a list of all the keywords that you find.

Once you have a list, it’s time to start writing. Use the keywords that you found in your research as well as any others that you think are relevant to your topic. It’s also a good idea to add some keyword variations (for example, adding an article prefix like “how-to” or “how-to make money online”) in order to increase the number of search results.

Use the same keywords in all of your content marketing strategies.

If you’re writing about one topic, it’s better to use the same keywords in all of your content. This will help you increase the credibility and reliability of your content as well as make it easier for readers to find it.

Use them in your content marketing strategy

It’s not enough to choose a topic and then write about it. You also need to use it in your content marketing strategy.

For example, if you’re writing about how to make money online, you should include some tips on how to make money online as well. Otherwise, people will think that you’re just a spammer and that your content marketing strategy will not work.

Don’t be afraid to use the same keywords that you found in your research. You can also use them as anchor texts in your links. This will help you improve the ranking of your content on search engines.

Use them in your blog posts

If you use the same keywords in your blog posts, they will be more effective. This will also make it easier for readers to find your content and follow you. They’ll also think that your content is more credible and valuable.

Use them in your emails.

You can also use the same keywords in your email marketing messages. This will help you generate more leads and sales for your business as well as increase the conversion rate.

Content Writing

After selecting keywords, copywriters can focus their attention on crafting well-written articles geared toward attracting visitors.

With the SEO Writing Assistant by SEMRUSH, you can assess and optimize your content as you write, while also ensuring it's original and adopts the right tone of voice.

The SEO Writing Assistant is a free service that helps you to write for the . It helps you to check your content and structure as you write, and provides a few suggestions on how to improve your writing.

You can also use this tool in conjunction with the SEMRUSH Content Planner (a paid service) to help you plan your content before you write it.

SEO Writing Assistant Features:

Allows you to see the keywords, phrases, and sentences you are using in your content.

Provides suggestions on how to improve your writing, including things like replacing certain words with synonyms. It also provides a suggestion if your writing is too formal or not enough formal.

You can compare the original text with the suggested text for each suggestion, and see how many times each keyword appears in both versions. This helps you to make sure that the keywords you want to use are included as often as possible.

The SEO Writing Assistant also provides a “content rating” that shows how easy it is to understand the content you are writing.

As you write, you can use the tool to see how many times your sentences and paragraphs are read. You can also check if your content is complete, and whether or not it is original. The tool will alert you if any of these issues are detected.

Create Content From Multiple Angles To Deal With All The Various Confusions That Come With The Topic

You can use the SEO Writing Assistant to write from different angles to address all the different problems you might encounter when writing about a topic.

As well as being able to add multiple keywords, phrases, and sentences for each angle, you can also add a new ‘theme' and a corresponding paragraph for each angle. You can then use this tool to help you create content from these angles that is original and high-quality.

All Keywords, Phrases, and Sentences Are Automatically Assessed As They Are Added.

As you add keywords, phrases, and sentences to the tool, they are automatically assessed for how important they are.

You can also view the rankings of each keyword, phrase, or sentence as you add them. This helps you to see which ones you should be focusing on when writing your content.


Choose a topic that has good competition, and high traffic potential, and will help you grow your business. It’s also important to choose a topic that you are passionate about.

If you’re passionate about something, it will be easier for you to write high-quality content for your readers.

For more business tips, check out our blog section and subscribe to our weekly newsletters.

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    Actually I'm an expert in dropshipping with 3 year experience in it
    I run three store which made about 20k last month
    And I help new people to get started into dropshipping business and be successful through it.
    Kindly inbox me to get started with your projects.
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  • MrWorthy avatar MrWorthy Hey there! Sharing the latest post, hope you will like it!
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  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 Put your content in the right HTML tags and Google will show it this way.

    In the picture that you show, the first content is put in a list with bold headings.
    The second content is a FAQ on that page.

    Put in the right HTML tags and Google will pick it up nicely.
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    If you are using Wordpress then SEO plugins like rank math have this feature.
    If you don’t want to use SEO plugins then there are many good redirect plugins in the Wordpress repository.
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  • yaswanth avatar yaswanth Now I use the Search console live URL inspector. It shows the page source and screenshot with an error(If any).
    Result: The page is not mobile friendly in the screenshot. All the element's styles are broken.

    Now, I feel like, " What the hell is happening in rich result tester? The google bot shows everything is ok, and in the search console, this is happening."

    # Problem Digging Stage final stage - Solving the problem
    The easiest way to solve the problem is to compare the thing and find the difference.
    Is rich results tester a google bot? Yes!
    Is it owned by google? Yes!
    Is it have any link with the official search console crawler? No!

    Now, What is the difference between 2 crawlers?
    Their IPs are different. They work differently.

    Summary: Google bot (Offical bot) is not able to crawl all elements in the webpage. It is not able to read all styling files. All other bots(services that use crawl as Google Bot) can view/crawl the page.

    List of official google bot IPs:

    Solution: Rather than digging into all files, we changed the hosting server located in the exact location.

    Thank you for reading this article. It takes a few mins to read this article, but It took hours to find the correct problem with a solution. If you find this article valuable, give it a like and if you have any questions, feel free to ask them.
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    # Problem Digging Stage 1 - Analyze the top layers
    Checking the basic things
    1) No Index tags
    2) Canonical tags
    3) Website page Age

    Result: Nothing Found

    # Problem Digging Stage 2 - Getting Deeper
    1) Checking status codes (If there is any redirects, 404 error, or soft 404 errors)
    2) Using an SEO browser to check the web page accessibility
    3) Trying with different user agents

    Result: Nothing Found

    # Problem Digging Stage 3 - Analyzing and
    comparing past and current stages of webpage
    1) Checking the Wayback machine for any spam content history
    2) Checking the search console for errors
    3) Other page's indexability

    Result: I got some clue. Search console shows "Page is not mobile friendly."

    # Problem Digging Stage 4 -Finding the reason for the search console error.
    When I checked the web page with SEO Browser, the page was mobile friendly, and I also tried "crawl as Googlebot." Everything looks good. Then where is the problem?

    One thing was confirmed google is not able to view the webpage clearly. And all other bots are not getting any problems.

    So, I decided to use only google properties in the further process (Because only the google bot gets stuck).
    I selected three tools to process further.
    1) Google page speed insights
    2) Google rich results tester
    3) Search console Live URL inspector

    First, I used page speed insights to check If the google bot can crawl/view the page or not(If there are any issues in crawling, then the tool returns a lighthouse error)
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    Second I used Google rich results tester. It provides the page source and screenshot of the webpage.
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  • achann avatar achann Um.. Maybe you can use whatsapp blast and give link? Or maybe you can use email marketing and give link to your web?
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  • nkap avatar nkap <@211319858258771968> hey, would you be able to share the website that you want guest posts on? I’m in touch with a few fintech businesses and can ask them whether they’d be interested in putting a post on your site.
  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 <@211319858258771968> it sure will work. Make sure to write that it’s free to post as guests. A lot of websites do not mention this and writers usually think it’s paid opportunity only.

    Keep us updated of how well this goes for your website.
  • soutaraku avatar soutaraku Thank you so much for the detailed guide. I'll see if I can put up the Guest Post page to start with! I hope my email gets bombarded in a good way haha
  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 You should start putting up a page called Guest Posting on your other website where you put articles, etc.. and put all the requirements there which you are looking for in the guest posts. Make sure to leave your email as well for easier contacts.

    Build up some links to this page. Because most of the writers are looking to write for high metrics website that have good DA, TF, etc...

    Once you have a page setup it will help you get attention from people who are searching on Google.

    Next you can start sending the URL of this page to people whom you think might be interested to write for your service on social networks like twitter, linkedin, etc.

    Also list this page URL on websites that have posts like free guest posts list in SaaS, free guest posts list in "your niche", etc. Something like this:

    These will get you enough traction to attract guest posts from various contributors over the time. Your email will be bombarded with emails following the above tips.
  • soutaraku avatar soutaraku I can translate guest post to Japanese and put it on our website to share stories from overseas. I thought it would be interesting for our readers and a good way for link building.
  • soutaraku avatar soutaraku It's not titled as contribute/guest posts page, but there's a website we put interview articles and such. We surely can put guest posts on that website.
  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 <@211319858258771968> does your website have contribute/guest posts page?
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    In Japan, not many people write guest posts, so I'm kinda lost. Twitter trick is only guiding light to me, <@838326478924021760>. Thanks for sharing.
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  • nkap avatar nkap Great idea! Will definitely try it out. Thanks mate.

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