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programming is not a coding language. It is a collection of codes and programs that are usually used by experts to perform on the website.

You do not have to learn a programming language to become an SEO expert. SEO is independent of any programming language. Because SEO is more about content than the coding behind it.

It helps to learn the basics of web languages to be on top of optimization expert competitions. A lot of technical SEO for a website involves HTML tags, Javascript files, and CSS customizations. We have written a blog post to cover the basics here: Common SEO Terms For Beginners In Digital Marketing

In a sense, I feel the three languages HTML, Javascript, and CSS can be called SEO programming languages. These are primary languages that help you create and organize your content on a website.

The other parts of the website can be handled by WordPress like CMS. Most bloggers develop WordPress websites because it is easy to use and manage.

According to my experience of more than a decade in the SEO world, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and XML combined can be called an SEO programming language. These are the same web programming languages we use when developing an internet website.

Search engine optimization doesn’t support any specific programming language. If a webpage is readable, then the search engine spiders will index it and present it to the viewers.

So it does not matter which programming technology you use to create a website, it should be easily accessible and readable for the user. This is because SEO does not require coding but only good content.

Programming For SEO

There is no specific programming language for SEO. But SEO does require programming to show appropriate content for the website visitors.

Programming is used by websites to show the correct pages for their website. And when the website content is correctly shown to the user, it improves the .

Managing content on a website is properly done by the use of programming languages like PHP, Ruby, Javascript, etc. These languages take care of the website backend.

Using these languages, we can make a dynamic website. A dynamic website is where the repetitive tasks are easily automated and managed with little or no coding.

WordPress is developed in PHP. Its database is managed in SQL.

Many other CMS’s are out there in different programming languages. All these CMS’s output the content in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Once the webpages output the right content, it is the task of an SEO specialist to perform on-page and technical SEO. This can also be called coding.

Technical SEO

Search Engine Optimization is on every content creator’s checklist. The part that most people forget about is technical optimization. When it comes to search engine optimization, technical SEO is a critical stage. If there are issues with your technical SEO, your SEO efforts will not provide the results you expect them to.

As a result, you must grasp what technical SEO is and how to perform it correctly. Fortunately, after you have completed a technical SEO audit of your website and addressed any possible issues, you will not have to deal with them again in the future.

What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO is optimizing the technical features to improve its ranking compared to other pages in search engines. Technical optimization makes a website more responsive, simpler to crawl, and more intelligible to search engines, among other things.

Technical SEO is a subset of on-page SEO, which is concerned with optimizing parts of your website to get higher ranks. It’s the polar opposite of off-page SEO, which creates awareness for a website through various methods other than search engines.

How does SEO programming help my site?

  • Structured data

Structured data aids search engines in better understanding your website, content, or even your company by providing them with more information. Structured data allows you to inform search engines about the type of goods you offer or the recipes you have on your website using keywords and phrases.

Furthermore, it will provide you with the ability to supply a plethora of information about the items or recipes in question. It’s easy for search engines to identify and comprehend this information since there is a standard format for supplying this information. It assists readers in placing your material in the context of a larger picture.

  • It makes your site secure.

A website that has been technically optimized is secure. Making your website secure for users to protect their personal information has become a basic need in today’s world.

You can do multitudinous things to make your website is safer, and one of the most important is to use HTTPS. It ensures that no one can intercept the data transferred between the browser and the website using the HTTPS protocol.

  • Prevents dead links

Landing on a webpage that doesn’t exist is even more frustrating for visitors than being sent to a slow page. If a link on your site directs visitors to a page that does not exist, they will find a 404 error page. So much for your painstakingly cultivated .

Furthermore, search engines do not appreciate it when they come across these mistake pages. Moreover, they are more likely than visitors to discover dead links since they follow every link they come across, even if it is buried.

Search Engine Optimization In Python

Python is a wonderful language that can help you perform technical SEO for your website easily. A lot of the tasks can be automated as well.

uses Python as well. How and where they use it is a hidden secret that only Google can answer.

It is an open-source project with an object-oriented type of coding. This is the most optimized way of coding among the programming languages.

A lot of the repetitive tasks like image optimization, internal , sitemap generation, etc,. can be automated by using python. It is popular among both SEOs and programmers because Python can be used to code for handling server queries too. This is rarely found among other programming languages.

There is a very good course on Python for SEO majestic blog here:

This course takes you from the basic understandings of python to advanced coding. It will come in handy for performing technical SEOs.

Final Words

Search engines search or spider your website with the use of robots. The robots search for material on your site by following links that point to it. Internal linking structures that are effective will ensure that people realize where the most significant material is located on your website.

However, there are additional methods of guiding robots, which is where SEO programming comes in. SEO programming will help you have a fast page that ranks high and ensure that your target market sees your site.

Learn the basics of the three web programming languages HTML, CSS, and Javascript to know what is going on on a website page. And rest of the SEO is about content.

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