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Best Backlink Building Services – An Evaluation You Can Trust

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are links that point towards your website from other websites. They are a very important part of SEO and have been used by many webmasters as an effective way to increase their rankings on SERPs for years now.

To get quality backlinks (known as ‘natural' or organic ones), one has to buy them instead of generating them organically.

Backlinking can be done manually through various methods like article marketing, social media sharing etc., but it's not scalable enough to handle large traffic loads.

Thus, there are some backlink building services that provide top-quality backlinks at affordable prices. Here are a few things you need to know about how backlink services work and what they offer.

A lot of people ask this question when they want to start a backlink campaign themselves.

But before we answer this question let us first understand why you should use third party resources to build backlinks? Why pay someone else when you could generate yourself without any hassle?

The main reason is that manual efforts take too long and don't yield consistent results.

Also if you're just starting out with no experience then it becomes even more difficult to manage such campaigns all alone especially since most newbies lack proper training regarding .

This is where professional backlink builders come into play and help you create hundreds of relevant and keyword focused backlinks over time.

So here are the three best paid and platforms that I recommend anyone to consider using.

1) UnderWP Services – We are a new agency that can help you find and purchase quality backlinks. With a wide range of options available, you can choose whatever suits your needs from cheap backlinks to high authority link building services.

All you need do is fill up a simple form and submit it.

Once approved, you would receive a list containing several hundred links pointing toward different sites.

If you wish to purchase only a single backlink, a guest post backlink, then contact us to get you the best in your niche.

Apart from offering excellent customer support, UnderWP ensures safe transactions and privacy.

2) Fiverr – Fiverr is a global marketplace for services. As of 2021, more than half of the top 10 million freelancers worldwide are on Fiverr.

Fiverr is the web's largest marketplace dedicated to providing great work at an amazing value. You can find backlinks here ranging from $5 to a few hundred dollars.

It is one of the largest SEO and web development marketplaces. You can find a lot of talented freelancers from around the platform here.

When it comes to SEO services, there is a variety of backlinking services that can help your website rankings.

But you need to be careful when ordering from the Fiverr SEO marketplace services. Many of the sellers there can use shady blackhat techniques too.

Order with caution here.

3) SEOClerks – Seoclerks website markets itself as an exclusive SEO related services marketplace.

Here you can find all the services exclusively related to SEO and Web development. Like Fiverr, here also the services start from $5 and range up to a few hundred dollars.

It also has a community feature where you can request help and advice.

There are a lot of attractive sellers here who are exclusively selling SEO services. Less spam compared to Fiverr but still there.

Like Fiverr, SEOClerks also has sellers that follow shady SEO practices. These blackhat link building practices are risky and also bring Google penalties.

If you plan to buy SEO services from here, be sure you do your research properly.

Our Choice: Marketplaces like Fiverr and SEOClerks are risky in terms of backlinking. There are mixed kinds of sellers here who sell both good and bad backlinks.

Many of the sellers use automated software like Scrapebox, etc. that creates backlinks automatically. But these kinds of backlinks can do more harm than benefit to your website's Google rankings.

We would suggest you go with our link building services that will be tailored to your business and your target demographics. Our SEO strategy is customized to suit every kind of business and get you results faster.

UnderWP's team works with a result-oriented approach for every client. We clearly know what works and what doesn’t in the internet marketing field.

Our ultimate goal is to help you rank your website to the top page so that you can grow your business or increase revenues from your business.

Nowadays, everyone seems to think that buying backlinks is illegal. Some may say so due to their ignorance while others feel so due to their fear of Google penalties.

John Mueller from Google has always been against buying backlinks. This is the reason many SEO's say it is illegal. But why has Google made it illegal, you will learn in the next few paragraphs.

Whether you agree or disagree, the bottom line remains the same i.e. doing business ethically always comes first.

Now, coming back to our topic… Buying natural backlinks cannot be termed unethical unless you try to fool search engines by spamming keywords or creating low-quality content.

This is the reason why Google says it is illegal to buy backlinks. Because if it is made legal then anyone can buy backlinks and spam. This will make more work for Google algorithms to find the real and unique content to rank.

However, there might be instances where you see links on pages having nothing to do with your niche. Such cases happen often when you go searching for specific kinds of blackhat backlinking services. That's why it's wiser to stay away from those shady tactics.

So far, it looks pretty clear that paying for backlinks isn't really against the law. What makes it illegal is the act of cheating search engine spiders knowingly.

For example, if you post reviews for certain brands on Amazon, Facebook or YouTube, you must disclose that you received compensation for writing that review.

Likewise, if you write testimonials for certain products, please mention that you've got something valuable to share with readers. Otherwise, your credibility may suffer.

The last thing you'd want is to lose your reputation overnight just because you were greedy. Remember, honesty pays off in the end, even though the process may seem tedious sometimes.

In short, buying backlinks is perfectly legal provided you follow ethical practices. Even Google says so!

This is again a tricky question. There are many factors involved in determining the price of a backlink.

First, check the demand rate of the product being advertised.

Then add a small percentage to cover frauds and errors made by providers.

Lastly, round the number down to reach the final figure.

While calculating the cost of each backlink that you want to get for your website, there are other factors too that we explained below:

a). Consider website visitors location

If your target website has a good amount of US traffic then the cost of getting a backlink will vary greatly depending upon where exactly the visitors come from.

Generally speaking, the price ranges from $20 to $150 per backlink.

When compared with other countries, it turns out quite expensive indeed.

b). Quality of the backlink

While acquiring backlinks from authority blogs, ensure that you request the website profile and also check yourself, their and page metrics using tools like Semrush.

A well-optimized site and a good authority website will get you solid results that other spammy websites can never bring.

c). Time duration

Some companies charge extra for quick delivery of quality backlinks whereas others prefer longer periods for lower rates.

According to my personal observations, the latter option tends to perform better.

d). Reliability & Trust factor

Remember to check out your link building service providers reviews. Check their Fiverr or profiles if you are using those platforms.

If you are directly going to them from Google, see if they have a Google business profile and any reviews on it.

A reliable and trustworthy SEO link building service may ask you for more price because they are authentic workers for your website. Spammers who cannot be trusted will quote cheap prices and later get you blackhat and shady backlinks.

Yes, you can! But it takes patience and hard work. Let me tell you why.

And we can answer this correctly as we have a link building service too on our website UnderWP.

Selling natural backlinks is a bit complicated task considering the vast amount of competitors present on the internet nowadays. Moreover, competition is increasing every day since Google keeps updating itself constantly.

Plus you have to keep building your website's profile. Build good backlinks and increase its Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA).

A good website profile where you plan to give out links will attract more buyers for your backlink service.

Therefore, earning decent profits requires a constant effort.

One possible solution is to join reputed backlink marketplaces which allow members to sell each link for reasonable fees. These platforms usually require no investment and are beneficial in long term.

Some of the examples of platforms for this are Fiverr, Upwork, and SEOClerk.

Final Words

SEO Backlinks will give you a boost in your rankings as search engines tend to judge by the number of domains that refer traffic to your site. Usually, more backlinks are better than fewer but this varies from case to case so our service can help you choose the winner from the losers.

But that does not mean you should build any kind of backlinks. With the recent Google updates, Google bots have become smarter and know the difference between a spam link and authentic backlinks.

This is why guest posts have also become more important and will carry importance in 2022 as well.

The aim of link building should be to acquire quality backlinks with authority websites from your niche.

Last but not least, you shouldn't expect instant results after applying SEO link building strategies. Instead, focus on making steady progress every day until you finally achieve success. Good luck!

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  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 <@211319858258771968> it sure will work. Make sure to write that it’s free to post as guests. A lot of websites do not mention this and writers usually think it’s paid opportunity only.

    Keep us updated of how well this goes for your website.
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    Build up some links to this page. Because most of the writers are looking to write for high metrics website that have good DA, TF, etc...

    Once you have a page setup it will help you get attention from people who are searching on Google.

    Next you can start sending the URL of this page to people whom you think might be interested to write for your service on social networks like twitter, linkedin, etc.

    Also list this page URL on websites that have posts like free guest posts list in SaaS, free guest posts list in "your niche", etc. Something like this:

    These will get you enough traction to attract guest posts from various contributors over the time. Your email will be bombarded with emails following the above tips.
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  • naaz avatar naaz <@755307075625549854> Thank you for the detailed answer. Hope <@341197404302737408> finds the right solution for this.
  • nkap avatar nkap <@341197404302737408> Just these:

    You can try 3 things: (I suggest you try the 3rd option first)

    1. If there are any links in your coverage report that’s actually not from your domain/property, I’d recommend you use the Search Console’s removal tool to remove these from your property.

    2. If you’re using any page builders like elementor etc make sure you turn off search engine indexing for things like templates. You can find this in Yoast SEO settings. With this setting your templates and unnecessary pages won’t be indexed. Are you using elementor by any chance?

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  1. It takes a lot of time to find the right link builder for backlinks on marketplaces like Fiverr. But once you find a good one, it will definitely help you build some amazing backlinks for your website.
    The most important part and negative side effect of these maketplaces is that you can end up with lots of spam links if the seller is just trying to make fast bucks.

    You need to have proper plan to screenout these kind of SEO sellers.

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