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DuckDuckGo Will Launch Its Own Browser Soon

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is the next most user favourite search engine after Google. Mainly because of its privacy features.

Most of our website traffic also comes from the after Google. This search engine is slowly gaining its search engine share and becoming the next best option after Google.

People would argue Bing to be the next best search engine after Google. But once you try searching in you will fall in love with it.

DuckDuckGo Search Engine


One of my favourite and most used search engines is the DuckDuckGo search engine. Mainly because of its privacy features.

DuckDuckGo search engine doesn't store any information about you or your ever. All it does is give you search results.

Giving straight answers and not diverting your attention with various search engine features like videos, shopping features, etc is what is impressive about this search engine. With Google, if you search a popular term like “healthy diet” you are bombarded with so many various kinds of results.


DuckDuckGo process 100 million searches per day. It is also the most popular in the Android play store.

Years ago Google used to be the most favourite search engine for many internet users including me. But once I got introduced to the DuckDuckGo search engine, I rarely use Google for search results.

But Google has still got the most powerful search engine for sure. Some core programming topics or error results are difficult to find in DuckDuckGo search results but easily found in Google.

So unless you are getting what you want with DuckDuckGo search results, there is no need to use Google, I say.

My colleague Doug also predicted the rise of DuckDuckGo in 2022 in a recent blog post of SEO predictions for 2022 here: The 10 SEO Trends That SEOs Will Dominate In 2022

If you haven't used the DuckDuckGo search engine yet, give it a try, you might find it easy to use and get more effective results than Google in some searches.

DuckDuckGo Browser

On 21st December 2021, the company Spread Privacy that powers up the DuckDuckGo search engine announced an upcoming launch of a browser for desktop users in 2022.

It promises to give us a robust browser with privacy protection by default. No need to go through hoops and loops as we do with Google Chrome here. Just install and start using the internet with the best privacy settings for a browser.

DuckDuckGo already has browsers in Google Play Store and IOS App Store. It is one of the most used and downloaded browsers in Android.

It says in the company blog announcement and I quote:

“Compared to Chrome, the for desktop is cleaner, way more private, and early tests have found it significantly faster too!”

A big claim I say. But possible as we see with the most favourite privacy browser Mozilla Firefox.

Interestingly, the company did not mention other browsers but only Google Chrome. Maybe because Google Chrome is the only browser that uses Floc tracking technology and has gained a bad reputation among privacy advocates.

DuckDuckGo privacy browser is already popular on Android with more than 10,000,000+ installs and 14,26,377 reviews. Similar numbers on the IOS app store too.

With this new upcoming browser from DuckDuckGo, many users like me are excited to use and save our privacies from spying and tracking companies.

Final Words

DuckDuckGo is expected to grow its userbase in 2022 for its search engine. Mainly because of the user privacy when using the search engine.

With the DuckDuckGo browser, I think the search engine will gain more popularity in the coming months.

Who doesn't like their privacy?

And when you are getting it with a simple click and install of a browser, it surely will help us protect our privacies from different trackers and search engine spiders.

I am excited to try it and see how it will help me save my privacy. But it will still be my second favourite after Mozilla Firefox. The only browser company, Mozilla, that truly respects your privacy from the beginning of Internet browsers.

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