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Ultimate Guide To Link Building for SEO

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The term “Backlinking”, “Link Building” and many other similar words have been around for a while now in the digital marketing world, however, its popularity seems to be growing every day as more people begin using it to promote their business or blog.

It really doesn't matter what niche you're promoting, if you don't know how to properly use Backlinks then you could very well lose out on potential customers due to poor marketing.

In fact, when I first started learning about Link Building I was told by one of my friends who had his own internet service company, that he didn't even realize there were such things as Backlinks.

Now fast forward 12 years later and guess where most of our clients come from? You guessed right! Engine Optimization… And yes they all used Backlinks before coming to me.

So like everything else in life knowledge is power and once you learn how to build Backlinks correctly you'll not only see an increase in visitors but also profits.

Before you dive into link building, make sure you have done proper keyword research. If not, then do not forget to read this article here: What Is Keyword Research? A Simple Answer

In order to understand what exactly is meant by Backlinking let us start off at the beginning.

When someone surfs the Internet looking for information they type keywords into search engines like or Yahoo. These keywords help narrow down results based upon user preference.

Each time a visitor clicks through to another page after searching for something specific on Google, that person receives an index number called a PageRank which helps determine ranking within the search engine results. A higher rank means a better chance of being found within the search results.

Although Google has discontinued showing PageRanks for websites, it still exists in their . They are now part of “ranking signals”, as said by John Mueller in most of the Google Search Console YouTube videos.

For example, if your keyword happens to match up with the name of your webpage, chances are good that you'd receive top rankings because you've provided useful content related to the subject.

If you want to reach the top ranks you need quality incoming links. That's why having high ranked Backlinks is important. In other words, authority backlinks.

Having said that, what exactly does it mean to have a Backlink?

Simply put, a backlink is any external reference to your website which points directly toward it.

Let's say you own a local pizza restaurant and you decide to advertise online via AdWords. An advertisement would appear on random websites across the globe.

Once clicked, the ad redirects the viewer to your website. Therefore, the advertiser provides a direct path to your website via clicking the advertisement.

However, imagine if Pizza Hut or Domino's Pizza decided to place advertisements on every single website on planet earth. What kind of effect would that have on your website?

Obviously, it wouldn't look too good. That's basically what happens when no attention is given to getting valuable inbound links.

As a result, companies spend thousands of dollars each year just to bring visitors to their websites. Not only do they pay expensive advertising fees but they also waste money trying to figure out which methods work best for gaining Backlinks.

Fortunately, thanks to new technology and tools like available today, anyone can easily find Backlinks without spending hundreds of hours per week doing research.

And if you do not have time to make your own link building strategy. You can always go with companies like us for digital marketing services and hire them to do all the SEO groundwork for you.

Yes! As mentioned earlier, link building plays a significant role in improving your rankings on SERPs.

Even though the strategy seems outdated today, it continues to work effectively because of its ability to drive targeted traffic to your website without relying heavily on PPC.

However, it takes patience, persistence, determination and constant effort to improve your search engine ranking positions over time.

Today, we see that even top brands spend millions of dollars annually on branding & PR initiatives, yet fail miserably in achieving their goals due to lack of proper planning.

That's exactly why hiring the right digital marketing company like UnderWP is crucial to ensure success in future campaigns.

Link Building Services are a must for any SEO campaign. Whether you do it yourself or get it done by others like the team at UnderWP.

Link building has become more complex than ever before with new tactics being introduced every other day. It's no longer about just generating links and waiting for them to appear on their own.

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Now you need to be proactive in finding quality natural backlinks to your website from trusted websites that will benefit the of your site. And this has to be done on a regular schedule. It is not a one-time thing.

The concept behind Quality Backlinking still remains the same as it was years ago – To generate targeted traffic towards your content using various methods like article marketing, social media optimization etc., from authority websites in your niche.

Content Marketing

There are several ways to generate Backlinks but the easiest way is simply by submitting articles. Writing unique original content is one of the best ways to establish credibility among readers and drive targeted traffic towards your website.

One thing to remember when writing articles for content marketing is to make sure that the content isn't filled with excessive keywords. Doing this will actually hurt your efforts rather than help.

Keep in mind that the main purpose behind writing original content is to provide relevant information that benefits the reader. After reading your article, if they feel satisfied with the helpful information contained therein then they may click onto your website and check it out.

By providing informative material and adding value to readers' lives, chances are great that they'll visit again because they enjoyed reading your stuff.

Furthermore, it gives you the opportunity to earn creditability points with your target audience while increasing brand awareness.

This is a widely used technique by most people when they start doing SEO for their websites. Reading old articles on SEO from Google they might go to article submission sites.

Submitting articles to article directories does not work effectively in 2022. It is an old technique.

The latest technique in content marketing is Guest Posting. We have an exclusive article here on our blog about it and to help you get started, we have also given away a list of websites that accept free guest posts in your niche.

The Best Free Guest Posting Websites List In 2022 – Over 3000+

If you can write quality content, then going for guest posting is the right way for SEO in 2022.

Video Content Marketing

Another technique used to create Backlinks is creating videos. Videos contain much more information than text alone.

With video, viewers are able to watch images move alongside words instead of taking turns explaining themselves.

Video is extremely effective in spreading word-of-mouth viral marketing amongst individuals.

Since everyone loves watching movies and TV shows, sharing interesting videos on YouTube is a great way to spread the love. Starting a YouTube channel and creating simple videos will be the first step towards video content marketing.

Also, uploading funny clips or instructional ones on Vimeo is highly recommended since the majority of people tend to view these types of videos over anything else.

Creating engaging videos is fun and easy to do, especially if you consider yourself creative.

All you need is a camera, microphone, screen capture software, editing tools, etc… Then sit back and relax while making a masterpiece that millions of people worldwide enjoy viewing.

Audio Content Marketing

Lastly, podcasting is an excellent way to keep audiences entertained and informed. Podcasting is similar to blogging except that podcasts consist of audio files played consecutively.

Similar to blogs, listeners can listen to your voice narrating whatever topic interests them.

Adding pictures and graphics makes it easier and faster for listeners to follow along.

This form of media distribution reaches audiences 24/7 whether they happen to be driving, working out, cooking dinner, cleaning the house, shopping, etc. Basically, whenever your audience needs to hear something, a podcast serves as a reliable source of entertainment.

Most importantly, podcasts are simple yet powerful forms of communication that allow businesses to connect with consumers instantly.

While we all know what link building means, you might not have come across its importance until you start gaining ranks on search engine results.

The above three ways of starting a link building campaign is good for beginners of SEO. It can get you good results if you are in a low competitive niche.

But if you don't know how to apply advanced and get yourselves a result-oriented SEO strategy for your business website, then hiring link building services is the best way.

Link building services help you gain rankings on search engines that can bring you a good amount of traffic and sales for your business.

A lot of businesses when talking to me always ask these questions of why go for link building SEO strategy than PPC campaigns? They both cost money but PPC campaigns can get you, customers, fast.

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Search Engine Optimization experts today say that if you want to rank high among competitors then you should focus solely on organic search results rather than pay per click ads.

Organic searches refer to those where users enter keywords into search engines to locate products/services based upon whereas PPC campaigns involve displaying sponsored advertisements alongside non-paid listings when a user types certain keywords into search engines.

The paid advertisement may sometimes also include display ads on third-party websites such as billboards, newspapers, magazines etc…

So essentially, paying money for promoting a product online gives less visibility compared to getting free exposure from organic search rankings.

But then again, it depends on the type of business you run and the kind of customers you wish to attract.

And remember, investing in SEO is a long-term return of profits. You will gain and stay on top of search engine rankings and gain customers for a longer period of time than using PPC for a limited amount of time.

If you spend some time researching your potential competitors, you'll soon realize that most businesses outsource their link building activities to professional companies like UnderWP offering effective SEO solutions.

Now let's talk briefly about the benefits of outsourcing link building tasks.

First, since companies specializing in link building tend to offer higher levels of expertise compared to generalist firms, chances are greater that you won't experience any issues during the campaign and gain rankings faster.

Also, since specialists typically provide updates on the progress of projects regularly, you can rest assured knowing that everything is going according to plan.

They often charge extra for client support, however, so make sure you ask beforehand.

Lastly, if you choose to hire a reputable firm like ourselves UnderWP, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your data will remain private and secure.

Many established SEO providers maintain strict confidentiality agreements with their clients and guarantee complete privacy throughout processes.

So, how much does a typical link building service cost?

Well, it varies depending on factors including the number of unique URLs submitted, the location of the target audience, the volume of incoming traffic, the amount of competition around the specific niche, and the size of your budget.

Generally, prices range anywhere from $500-$2000+ per month for basic SEO link building services. You could save quite a bit if you decide to buy yearly plans.

Our most affordable monthly link building services start from $199. You can check them out here: link

Now that you have learned how to perform basic tasks associated with generating Backlinks in 2022, let's take a quick glance at some real-world scenarios and other link building techniques.

The below link building techniques are not highly effective with the latest updates of Google algorithms but they still prove to be effective in widening your website and bringing results based on the keyword difficulty.

To learn more about the latest Google updates of 2021 in summary, read this post:


First, let's talk about bookmarking.

Many people often overlook this task thinking that it is worthless. But the truth is, bookmarking is one of the simplest and quickest ways to obtain Backlinks.

The reason why this works is that it creates a permanent link between two separate entities. Users bookmark your URL in hopes that if they ever wanted to refer someone to your website, they won't forget.

Forums Marketing

Next, we must discuss posting your URL on forums.

Posting your URL on popular forum communities such as Quora answers, Reddit, etc., is a beneficial strategy. It also gets you good traction in the records of Google search engine bots.

And many websites use Quora and Reddit links and citings in their posts. This will get you more backlinks without much effort.

People usually post URLs on forums in hopes that fellow members interested in the same topics will visit their profile and then click your website link from there. This is also one way to get some good website visits from forums.

Directory Submissions

Last but certainly not least, submitting your URL to directories is another common practice used to acquire Backlinks.

Directories include categories such as free classified ads, discussion boards, job boards, image hosting services, photo sharing sites, personal homepages, public records indexes, social network profiles, stock market data feeds, trade journals, travel guides, taxonomies, wikis, word tracker, youtube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Digg, LiveJournal, Blogger, WordPress, etc.

Submitting your URL to directories requires patience and persistence. Some directories require submission forms whereas some accept submissions manually.

Directory owners typically reward successful directory publishers with banners, testimonials, logo design requests, affiliate programs, sponsorships, etc. Other times, they offer advertising space on their site.

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Before submitting your URL to directories always ensure that you thoroughly read the terms and conditions section located at the bottom of your account settings.

Generating Backlinks is a crucial part of establishing strong relationships with readers. Without Backlinks, it is difficult to attract visitors to your website.

Besides, Backlinks serve as essential references directing traffic to your site.

Here are three major reasons why you should focus heavily on acquiring Backlinks:

  • They Help Build Your Credibility & Trustworthiness
  • Increase Traffic
  • Improve Rankings

These benefits are clear evidence that Backlinks play a pivotal role in improving the success rate of your website.

Although you might think that obtaining Backlinks takes extra effort and resources, the reality is quite the opposite. Instead, it becomes increasingly simpler with the use of SEO tools like Semrush or Ahrefs.

Today, finding Backlinks is relatively straightforward and affordable compared to traditional marketing strategies involving radio, television, newspaper, billboards, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, yellow pages, white papers, catalogues, magazine inserts, etc.

On average, it costs approximately $50-$100 per month to maintain a presence on various directories worldwide.

Thus, considering the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of modern-day marketing techniques, Backlinks seem like a wise investment.

Apart from the ways we discussed above, here are some of the brief tips that you should remember when trying to generate backlinks for your website.

To generate Backlinks, firstly, you should choose one or more websites to submit your content for free. We have listed more than 3000+ guest posting sites available for free here: The Best Free Guest Posting Websites List In 2022 – Over 3000+

Secondly, make sure that your content is relevant to the chosen websites' theme.

Thirdly, create a compelling title for your content.

Fourthly, be patient because your efforts will start showing results after several months of submission.

Lastly, don't forget to use keywords that are included within the text (within 200 words) of your title.

If you manage to follow all these guidelines then you can be assured of receiving quality Backlinks through different ways that we have already discussed in this post.

The reason why Backlinks are important is that they help increase the traffic flow to your website.

When people visit your site through a Backlink, it means that they come across your site via a popular search engine having searched for specific terms as specified by the Backlink.

The more Backlinks you have, the higher the chances of generating an influx of visitors to your site.

This is especially true for sites with high Authority scores. You can check your website's Domain Authority with a free account in Semrush.

For instance, if you own a website with a Domain Authority score of 35 (a moderate score), then every Backlink you acquire makes your website look more attractive to Search Engines due to its steady authority increase in its niche.

Why Backlinking Is Important?

Backlinking has many advantages:

Increases your domain authority (DA) – DA is the numerical indicator that indicates how well-known your website is among other websites on the Internet.

Higher DA values are indicative of better rankings.

Thus, acquiring Backlinks helps improve your DA.

It exposes your website to a wider audience – Exposure refers to the level of exposure that a particular website gets.

For example, say you have a website about football (soccer). If you put out articles regarding football, then these articles will reach a wider audience.

It increases your visibility – As mentioned above, the more sites linking to your site means that you become more visible online.

Consequently, this increases the chances of getting more visitors to your site and eventually converting them to customers.

The traffic generated through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) increases sales and revenue. It helps drive inbound links and boost traffic from other websites which can boost sales and revenue. It improves conversion rates.

Final Words

We hope the above information proves useful about link building

Let us reiterate once again that link building has changed considerably over the past few decades and that it requires thorough research and analysis to determine whether a particular approach works best for your website or brand.

Ultimately, it comes down to choosing the best provider that offers customized services tailored specifically to your needs like us at UnderWP.

Hiring the wrong person could result in wasted time, energy, and resources while choosing the right partner ensures long-term profitability.

Remember, a great deal hinges on selecting the correct team to help you achieve your objectives. Good luck!

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