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Web stories are open source, free and visual storytelling format for WordPress websites. They enable the website developers to quickly create all visual narratives with the use of engaging and free animations. The web stories offer free interactions and motivate your readers to have fast screening experiences.

Web Stories are a mobile-friendly medium for presenting news and information in the form of visually rich, tap-through stories. Web Stories provides marketers and publishers with a diverse range of advertisement options for reaching a niche audience on the web through immersive experiences.

Web Stories immerse your readers in full-screen experiences that load quickly. With immersive animations and tappable interactions, you can easily construct visual narratives. The Web Story format (formerly known as AMP Stories) is free and open source, and anybody can use it on their own website. They are not restricted to a closed ecosystem or forum and can be shared and embedded around the web.

Where Do You Find Web Stories?

One feature that distinguishes from the plethora of story-telling features available in apps is their ability to be viewed around the web.

On Your Internet Website

Unlike Instagram Stories, which must be viewed on the platform itself, 's Web Stories can be hosted on a creator's own website. Unlike several apps, this allows advertisers greater control of what is used in the story since there are no limits on content. It also ensures that the story can be used to help drive traffic to the website rather than being locked away inside the confines of social media apps.

Search Results

One of the key advantages of using Google's stories over other social media story formats is that they are easily accessible from the SERPs. Google Web Stories can be indexed and served as a result just like a web page.

Google Discover

Google revealed in October 2020 that Web Stories will be added to Google Discover feeds in India, Brazil, and the United States. The top of Discover has a list of stories, which Google refers to as a “shelf.” When the user taps on the story, it expands to full screen and allows them to swipe through the list. More detailed information about it is answered by Google itself here: https://developers.google.com/search/docs/advanced/mobile/google-discover

In Your Online Articles

Since Web Stories are hosted on your own servers, the material can also be used in other digital assets such as emails and brochures.

On a Variety of Devices

Web stories can be viewed on a smartphone, tablet, and desktop browsers, despite the fact that the AMP technology on which they are based is optimized for use on mobile devices. As a result, there is no need to build desktop-friendly alternatives for responsive assets like websites, which enhances their usefulness.

Google Web Stories: 10 Uses and Benefits

Google Web Stories are a useful tool for marketers to explore because of their format, versatility, and ease of development.

Here are the top ten advantages and applications of the format.

  1. Controlled by You

Since the stories can be hosted on a publisher's own website, the content's copyright is theirs alone. This ensures that the subjects they discuss are completely at their disposal and are not constrained in the way that social media sometimes is. The use of the material is therefore at the discretion of the publisher; Google does not claim any rights to the content.

Google does have certain limitations on the type of content that can be released, the most important of which is the prohibition against “overly commercial” content. Before you start writing your first story, read through the guidelines, particularly if you want to use them for promotion.

  1. Ads Monetization

The content owner has complete control over any advertisements that appear in a Google Web Story.

That means, unlike the story functionality on social media apps, the publisher has complete control over how the content is monetized. As a result, if you host advertisements on your website, you will receive 100% of the ad revenue.
Via Ad Manager and AdSense, Google recently launched a programmatic ads solution for Web Stories.

  1. External hyperlinks

Content creators are discouraged from reaching out to other websites on certain social media platforms with identical story formats. This normally necessitates some ingenuity when it comes to linking from the comments or bio. There are no limitations on linking out with Google Web Stories.

  1. Tracking with Google Analytics is supported

Web Stories can be related to analytics systems such as Google Analytics because they behave like web pages. This means there's a lot more monitoring and user analysis than there is for traditional social media story formats. This is a crucial step in determining the value of Web Stories in your marketing campaign.

  1. The web stories are responsive & mobile-friendly

Unlike AMP, which is optimized for mobile devices only, Web Stories can be viewed on any device. This eliminates the need to produce different content for desktop devices or risk losing features on mobile devices.

  1. Interactive

Interactive features such as quizzes and surveys can be hosted in Web Stories. This is limited by your technical abilities, as not all Web Story development platforms support this feature. Given the immersive nature of Web Stories, this additional degree of interactivity might make for a fun experience.

  1. There is no time limit

Web Stories, unlike certain other Google material, such as Google My Business blogs, do not have an expiration date. They won't be immediately removed after 7 days, and they won't get lost in a timeline like on social media. You can highlight your Web Story for as long as you want and as prominently as you want.

  1. It's simple to index and link to

Web Stories are created with the intention of being conveniently indexed by search engines. This means that bringing your content to the first page of Google would not necessitate any extra effort on your part beyond the basic required to rank a web page well. If you're publishing content for India, Brazil, or the United States, there's also a chance it'll appear in the coveted Web Stories carousel.

  1. You Can Use Any Branding Style You Want

Apart from ensuring that Web Stories fulfill the general technological specifications, there are no design constraints. This means you can use whatever fonts, colors, animations, and imagery you want to match your brand's aesthetic.

  1. Live stories

When you use the “live-story” attribute on your Web Story, the user will be notified in real-time that a new page has been added. This is especially helpful if you're using the format to report on breaking news or events.

Google Web Stories Examples

On September 24, 2020 Google showcased 10 best web stories and the reason behind it in this blog post: https://blog.google/web-creators/10-web-stories-and-whats-great-about-them/

Another good example is from Storify stories here for shopping products: https://storifyme.com/stories/templates/shopplanetblue-copy-23073


This story shows the example of making use of web stories in shopping stores where the users can easily access the information for the products in a story format rather than going through different web pages.

The next is from the very popular Netflix series Money Heist. Live example: https://storifyme.com/stories/templates/money-heist-quotes-105100


In this example a video is also shown in the web story. It's a great way to showcase small clips.

And the last example is of beautiful travel pictures with related information about them: https://storifyme.com/stories/templates/travel-1-copy-74117


Web Stories in WordPress

Google itself introduced a plugin with the name Web Stories in the WordPress repository. Its main landing page is located here: https://wp.stories.google/ You can see some great examples on their landing page with examples of web stories.

The WYSIWYG editor in this plugin makes it easy to create web stories by just dragging and dropping in the visual editor. For advanced users, it also has many options like comprehensive visual editing capabilities, a re-envisioned visual media gallery, image masking, gradient editing, saved colors & styles, and more.

Final Words

This is a new feature of Google trying to get the attention of users similar to Instagram and Facebook. It sure is attractive and helps in getting CTA's if used correctly. Personally, if I am on a mobile phone, I would much rather look for a story than reading long paragraphs. If the story interests me, I am excited to learn more about it by clicking on it.

It also helps in getting more viewers for your advertisers. More interactions with your advertisers can bring in some extra cash for your blog or website.

In terms of SEO, it is very helpful to get special attention in and Google Image search results. This might help in getting effective results for your strategies. Creating unique images for your blogs will become easy too with the various templates style in the new Web Story plugin by Google.

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  • Just-iko avatar Just-iko Thank you very much for answering ☑️ ✨
  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 Put your content in the right HTML tags and Google will show it this way.

    In the picture that you show, the first content is put in a list with bold headings.
    The second content is a FAQ on that page.

    Put in the right HTML tags and Google will pick it up nicely.
  • Just-iko avatar Just-iko Hello, I'm a newbie in this field, any guidance would be appreciated :) some questions please, is there any idea on how to make our website could appears like that in Google search? The one that I marked..
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    I think Semrush has a trial period as well.
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  • SG.CK avatar SG.CK Any free tool for spy traffic and ranking ?
  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 Search on google “htaccess redirect rules”
    Put them in your website’s htaccess file if you are using Apache
  • BrunoAfonso avatar BrunoAfonso how should I go to solve this issue
  • BrunoAfonso avatar BrunoAfonso Can you explain a little bit more? My website is not wordpress, I use amazon web services
  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 You can make a 301 redirect to the correct page on your website.
    If you are using Wordpress then SEO plugins like rank math have this feature.
    If you don’t want to use SEO plugins then there are many good redirect plugins in the Wordpress repository.
    And if you are not using Wordpress then .htaccess file is your friend.
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  • BrunoAfonso avatar BrunoAfonso So I have a website and when you search for it, one of the hyperlinks that google provides goes to the wrong page, is there a specific way for me to change that?
  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 Need more explanation
  • BrunoAfonso avatar BrunoAfonso Hello people, does anyone know how to fix a hyperlink within a google search?
  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 Semrush shows you all the links that it considers as toxic in its domain overview dashboard. You can then use these website list to disavow in GSC.
  • rrakesharmaa avatar rrakesharmaa I want to remove high spam backlinks via Disavow tool. So i need these links.
  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 extract high spam score backlinks.
    This is little confusing for me to understand

    Do you want to remove high spam backlinks to your website or do you want to receive backlinks from websites that have a high spam score?
  • yaswanth avatar yaswanth Now I use the Search console live URL inspector. It shows the page source and screenshot with an error(If any).
    Result: The page is not mobile friendly in the screenshot. All the element's styles are broken.

    Now, I feel like, " What the hell is happening in rich result tester? The google bot shows everything is ok, and in the search console, this is happening."

    # Problem Digging Stage final stage - Solving the problem
    The easiest way to solve the problem is to compare the thing and find the difference.
    Is rich results tester a google bot? Yes!
    Is it owned by google? Yes!
    Is it have any link with the official search console crawler? No!

    Now, What is the difference between 2 crawlers?
    Their IPs are different. They work differently.

    Summary: Google bot (Offical bot) is not able to crawl all elements in the webpage. It is not able to read all styling files. All other bots(services that use crawl as Google Bot) can view/crawl the page.

    List of official google bot IPs: https://developers.google.com/search/apis/ipranges/googlebot.json

    Solution: Rather than digging into all files, we changed the hosting server located in the exact location.

    Thank you for reading this article. It takes a few mins to read this article, but It took hours to find the correct problem with a solution. If you find this article valuable, give it a like and if you have any questions, feel free to ask them.
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    Last week I received a message from a friend he is requesting me to help him index a page of his website. I said, " Wait, sometime google will index automatically" Then he said he was getting problem with his homepage. So, I started digging. First, I want to find the problem. Then all other things were easy.

    # Problem Digging Stage 1 - Analyze the top layers
    Checking the basic things
    1) No Index tags
    2) Canonical tags
    3) Website page Age

    Result: Nothing Found

    # Problem Digging Stage 2 - Getting Deeper
    1) Checking status codes (If there is any redirects, 404 error, or soft 404 errors)
    2) Using an SEO browser to check the web page accessibility
    3) Trying with different user agents

    Result: Nothing Found

    # Problem Digging Stage 3 - Analyzing and
    comparing past and current stages of webpage
    1) Checking the Wayback machine for any spam content history
    2) Checking the search console for errors
    3) Other page's indexability

    Result: I got some clue. Search console shows "Page is not mobile friendly."

    # Problem Digging Stage 4 -Finding the reason for the search console error.
    When I checked the web page with SEO Browser, the page was mobile friendly, and I also tried "crawl as Googlebot." Everything looks good. Then where is the problem?

    One thing was confirmed google is not able to view the webpage clearly. And all other bots are not getting any problems.

    So, I decided to use only google properties in the further process (Because only the google bot gets stuck).
    I selected three tools to process further.
    1) Google page speed insights
    2) Google rich results tester
    3) Search console Live URL inspector

    First, I used page speed insights to check If the google bot can crawl/view the page or not(If there are any issues in crawling, then the tool returns a lighthouse error)
    Result: everything is ok

    Second I used Google rich results tester. It provides the page source and screenshot of the webpage.
    Result: everything is ok
  • achann avatar achann Backlink actually link that provided outside web, so if you use instagram and insert your web link that still counted as backlink.
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  • achann avatar achann Um.. Maybe you can use whatsapp blast and give link? Or maybe you can use email marketing and give link to your web?
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  • nkap avatar nkap <@211319858258771968> hey, would you be able to share the website that you want guest posts on? I’m in touch with a few fintech businesses and can ask them whether they’d be interested in putting a post on your site.
  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 <@211319858258771968> it sure will work. Make sure to write that it’s free to post as guests. A lot of websites do not mention this and writers usually think it’s paid opportunity only.

    Keep us updated of how well this goes for your website.
  • soutaraku avatar soutaraku Thank you so much for the detailed guide. I'll see if I can put up the Guest Post page to start with! I hope my email gets bombarded in a good way haha
  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 You should start putting up a page called Guest Posting on your other website where you put articles, etc.. and put all the requirements there which you are looking for in the guest posts. Make sure to leave your email as well for easier contacts.

    Build up some links to this page. Because most of the writers are looking to write for high metrics website that have good DA, TF, etc...

    Once you have a page setup it will help you get attention from people who are searching on Google.

    Next you can start sending the URL of this page to people whom you think might be interested to write for your service on social networks like twitter, linkedin, etc.

    Also list this page URL on websites that have posts like free guest posts list in SaaS, free guest posts list in "your niche", etc. Something like this: https://underwp.com/the-best-free-guest-posting-websites-list-in-2022-over-3000/

    These will get you enough traction to attract guest posts from various contributors over the time. Your email will be bombarded with emails following the above tips.
  • soutaraku avatar soutaraku I can translate guest post to Japanese and put it on our website to share stories from overseas. I thought it would be interesting for our readers and a good way for link building.
  • soutaraku avatar soutaraku It's not titled as contribute/guest posts page, but there's a website we put interview articles and such. We surely can put guest posts on that website.
  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 <@211319858258771968> does your website have contribute/guest posts page?
  • soutaraku avatar soutaraku Hi guys! I'm a Japanese SEO specialist/ content editor working for a fintech company, and looking for someone to put guest posts on our website (preferably about fintech or SaaS market). Are there any good place to look for people willing to guest post?

    In Japan, not many people write guest posts, so I'm kinda lost. Twitter trick is only guiding light to me, <@838326478924021760>. Thanks for sharing.
  • Deleted User avatar Deleted User trying it out right now
  • nkap avatar nkap Great idea! Will definitely try it out. Thanks mate.
  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 A good trick to get guest posts for your website. <@456226577798135808> <@755307075625549854>
  • Büşra avatar Büşra Thank you very much. I'll try 😊
  • nkap avatar nkap Yeah me too!!
  • naaz avatar naaz <@755307075625549854> Thank you for the detailed answer. Hope <@341197404302737408> finds the right solution for this.
  • nkap avatar nkap <@341197404302737408> Just these:

    You can try 3 things: (I suggest you try the 3rd option first)

    1. If there are any links in your coverage report that’s actually not from your domain/property, I’d recommend you use the Search Console’s removal tool to remove these from your property.

    2. If you’re using any page builders like elementor etc make sure you turn off search engine indexing for things like templates. You can find this in Yoast SEO settings. With this setting your templates and unnecessary pages won’t be indexed. Are you using elementor by any chance?

    3. It’s also possible that your site has been hacked. If random URLs are appearing in analytics and search console the first thing that you should do is check your .htaccess file to see if someone has put any rewrite rules.
  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 <@755307075625549854> got any views on this?
  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 did you change your permalinks sometime back in last few months?
  • naaz avatar naaz <@838326478924021760> bringing to your attention on this.
  • Büşra avatar Büşra hello guys! I need to help about SEO optimation. I'm using wordpress Yoast. I saw dummy link like as ``` https://myURL.com/cuisine/35/17498``` I haven't these in page. Btw ı'm using google search console. Why may be this? Is anyone has idea about that?
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  • ankit662003 avatar ankit662003 hi
  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 Just know that we are all here to help each other
  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 No worries mate.
  • Alex25 avatar Alex25 The thing is idk what to ask .
    I'm just stuck
  • ddev66 avatar ddev66 Drop your queries here

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  1. Not sure if web stories are helpful in every nice. I will try and see if it works for my niche.

  2. I have been trying to see if there are any site traffic improvements with web stories but after 50 stories there is still not much to talk about. I guess this is an extra add-on feature for your website which Google has to yet consider for rankings.

    1. I might agree with you Grace on this. I have tried it myself with web stories on this website and a few other websites but no improvement in the search traffic. I feel it might work for News websites.

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