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BigCommerce Integrated With Google’s Shopping Features

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has a merchants base of more than 60,000 on its platform. These merchants or sellers on BigCommerce range from small businesses to big companies that sell their products on this platform.

In a recent announcement from , it is now free to show up your products on features across YouTube, Search, Images, and Shopping surfaces. This is very good news for BigCommerce sellers.

Now BigCommerce sellers will get more visibility to their products and gain more customers. It is also a good visibility increase for Google as it sees an increase in clicks of over 50% and an almost 100% increase in impressions on the Shopping tab shown across various Google surfaces.

BigCommerce To Google Shopping Feed

Previous to this official integration, the merchants of BigCommerce were forced to use private apps like Google Shopping by Sales & Orders that were developed by an independent developer called Elite.

This app is not free but only offers a 15-day free trial. After the trial, a $10 amount is charged for each store that uses it.

This is a small amount for Ecommerce companies but for small businesses it can still make a difference.

Now with this integration of BigCommerce to Google shopping feed, the sellers can easily integrate their stores with and list their products. All this is free of cost and without any need to add apps to your BigCommerce stores.

The BigCommerce sellers can now easily add products to Google shopping feed and create ads from the same BigCommerce dashboard. Plus the analytics of these campaigns is also shown.

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This makes the process easier for BigCommerce merchants to market their products.

And adding products to Google Merchant Centre is also considered good for purposes.

We wrote a recent article about declared by Google itself here:

Benefits Of BigCommerce On Google App

Sellers can now directly access the ads and listings on the Google app via the BigCommerce Channel Manager. This now becomes a one-stop app for the sellers to create, manage, and advertise their products.

  • Manage Products: Now the BigCommerce sellers can manage all their products from the same dashboard of the BigCommerce app. They can create, edit, delete and make paid campaigns here. Analyze how their products are performing after integrating with Google's surfaces.
  • Reach Wider Audiences: With proper settings and SEO done to BigCommerce stores, which includes a good strategy, the sellers can reach a wide range of audiences across Google surfaces. This increases the exposure of the merchant products.
  • Deeper Analytics: With Google merchant centre, the products can now reach a wider audience and get more clicks. To analyze the performance of products and stores, Google merchant centre shows deep analytics. This helps in optimizing and maximizing the marketing efforts.

With Google expanding its features and reach every year in new directions, this integration of BigCommerce will open opportunities to reach a more targeted audience in the future.

Final Words

Although, we rarely write about other platforms here on UnderWP. BigCommerce is one platform that a lot of our SEO clients come to us to do BigCommerce SEO.

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We found that BigCommerce is also a good alternative platform to from WordPress. It has some strong SEO ranking features.

Some of the meta tags features and product reviews structure, and many other features when used properly can rank in a good place in . With this new integration of BigCommerce and Google Shopping, I assume the BigCommerce stores will have the opportunity to rank easily on Google surfaces.

If you haven't tried the BigCommerce platform yet, do give it a try. It is not a free platform like WooCommerce but it does offer a 15-day free trial. Its dashboard is quite similar to a WordPress dashboard.

Hope you like this new . Do comment and share this post if you did.

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