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SEO News: Google To Start Infinite Loading On Its Search Results

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Good news to all the specialists. And more good news to website owners. has started to roll out continuous search results for its mobile users.

The infinite loading of search results, called by Google “continuous scrolling” will roll out for English search results for mobile users. The rollout has started after the announcement on October 14, 2021.

Google has been on a roll for some major changes this year. We also wrote about the past Google Title Tag Update In June 2021 And Its Effects.

This update is another big announcement from Google that will affect a lot of websites. It is good news for everyone involved in .

Before we discuss the merits of this update for digital marketing, let's have a look at how the results are going to look.

Google says that this new update will make the search experience more user-friendly for users. Especially, the open-ended queries like “preparing pumpkins for Halloween”.

There are so many ways a pumpkin can be used for decoration and styling for this coming Halloween. So continuous scrolling will help users find more ways without clicking the See more button on the page.

What Do We Learn From This Update?

This latest SEO update from Google teaches us to be more user-friendly. Google has been testing this feature for a while now since 2011.

After seeing the increase in the number of users on mobile since 2011, Google has now officially announced this update of infinite scrolling for their search results.

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As we have known that SEO and are closely related to ranking high on search engines. The on-page SEO involves user-friendly pages of your website.

Because the UI/UX indirectly affects the page views and the time spent on your website. So having a user-friendly page on the website helps in .

This does not mean that you should start implementing infinite scrolling or loading feature for your website or blog.

If you check the announcement, Google has given an example of “What can I do with pumpkins?”. This is an open-end question that can have lots of results.

But if your blog is very niche-specific, then having infinite or continuous scrolling on your website will help.

But if your blog talks about various topics then having instead of infinite loading will help. With pagination, you can show filters or categories on the side to select from.

When you give the user to select from various categories or topics of your blog, then you are actually helping them read what they want to read about. Infinite scrolling in this situation will not help as the user might not see filters of posts and move away from the page.

Google also appreciates pagination and understands them well. It will not rank pages that come under pagination with the same title. We have discussed this in a recent blog post about Ecommerce SEO Tips And Guide From Google

So be sure to take the right decision for your website based on your niche and the topics you write about. If you like to get free consultation about your website's UI/UX features, you can drop a comment below or contact us. We would love to help you out in your online marketing success.

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Benefits Of This Update

This official announcement from Google is a big relief and good news for website/blog owners and SEO specialists who are still unable to rank on page 1 of Google.

Now you should be able to see more traffic coming for your website in the coming months.

We have a joke in the SEO community that goes like this:

The best place to hide a dead body is on page 2 of Google's search results.

SEO Community

Now this joke can no more be applied to Google. It looks and we hope that this update will be extended to other languages and countries in the coming months.

And who knows this will also be introduced on desktop results too.

Because we have seen that for most of the sites, the traffic from mobile users and desktop users are equal, 50% from each kind of device.

Even if the update takes time to be implemented for desktop users, you are still gaining huge value from it by the increase of exposure for your website on search results for mobile users.

This is a win-win situation for both Google and website marketers. The websites that were ranking on the 2nd and 3rd pages can now see an increase in their inbound traffic directly from the search results pages.

Final Words

This new update comes as a big surprise for everyone in the SEO community. We knew that Google was testing this feature for a while now, but never thought it will be implemented seriously. Because when you are testing a feature for so long since 2011 and still not sure to implement it, then most probably you won't go for it.

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Now it is time to start writing more good content on your blog and implement good on-page and off-page SEO strategies. Because even if you are ranking on higher pages of Google, you will start seeing growth in traffic.

With this announcement, we also expect that Google will start getting more accurate about its results for higher pages. So have good link building services like ours on your side will help in the long-term growth of your website.

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